Blogging of a Better Night’s Sleep

Soon enough, your bed may no longer be your hardest goodbye.


After a long and busy day, people cannot wait to get into their beds to get that deep sleep they had been dreaming about all day. Instead of counting sheep, people rely on their social media and text messages to entertain their sleepy minds until their eyes shut.

However, recent studies have found that the bright back-screen lights of our latest technology devices actually make it harder to fall asleep, and can cause sleep deprivation which can lead to worse health complications.

In response to these studies, Apple Inc. has done it again by adding a new setting to their iOS 9.3 update which will be known as Night Shift. Apple iPhone users will be able to alter the settings specifically to a warmer colored screen, reducing blue light projection.

Blue light, whatever that means, apparently inhibits the production of melatonin, a hormone that tells our bodies when it is time to hit the hay.

Android is looking to make a similar update to improve the backlights of Droid users smart phones.

According to a doctor interviewed by Heather Kelly of CNN, a combination of the new setting and a lower brightness level is a start to preventing our smart devices ruining our sleep cycles. The only way to really ensure a great deep sleep is to completely eliminate use of our devices before crawling into our sheets.

I personally find that the use of my iPhone while in my bed has no affect on how I sleep. There are so many more factors that contribute to getting a good night’s sleep including duration, disturbances, personal factors, etc. and I just do not find my laptop or iPhone to be one of them.

Whether I am working on a presentation that is due tomorrow late at night, or catching up on the tweets I missed all day, I fall almost immediately asleep.

College students’ have non-stop days, the last drops of energy fueled by 2 cups of coffee. We need as much sleep as we can get, and a backlight is the least of our problems.

And if we are advised to stay off our phones before we go to bed, when we go to class, when we do homework, then when? When else do we have the time to get that late night text in to Mom letting her know you’re still alive, or posting that funny article you found on your friend’s Facebook wall?

When I am trying to fall asleep, sometimes the light of the moon shines in my eyes… Can Apple make an app for that?



About asilbe2

Alexandra Silber is a junior mass communication and political science double major at Towson University. She works at Towson University's Academic Advising Center and is a member of the National Broadcasting Society. In her free time she likes to spend time with friends, watch Netflix, and cook. I plan to graduate in May of 2017, and be off in the real world to pursue my dreams of becoming a news reporter!!
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