Blogging of a Better Night’s Sleep

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Wake up, its “work-o-clock”.

Several and consistent stops to Starbucks or Dunkin across campuses, college students grab a quick cup of coffee for that much needed boost. That boost to wake them up for that next shift at work, that 12 page paper due on Tuesday, or that internship interview that’s on… shit. Was it Thursday?

According to an article in The Guardian, people are always left feeling tired because the cells in our bodies are all out of sync internally and externally.

In more simple terms, our body needs to be on the same page as our minds and the way we can do this is by working in sync with our “chronotypes”. These are our genetical make-ups that decide whether we are morning people or night owls.

We tend to believe that running on 5 hours of sleep every night will be fine, and relying on artificial products to put us to sleep or wake us up will solve all of our problems.

This is far from true, and it is because every little cell in our body is all out of function and running on different schedules then one another.

Doctors of the World Health Organization have detected that during different times of the day, there are areas in the body in “micro-sleep” mode, not functioning while others are. This is due to these cells being awake while we are sleeping because they are running on different schedules.

So how as college students will we ever do this? It is much easier said than done sure, but it IS possible.

First and foremost, we are looking for about roughly 7-9 hours of natural sleep for that great rested feeling. To do this, we have to allow for our body to get that chance to rest by following a synchronous schedule.

Especially with registration for classes approaching, it is important to remember to not overload yourself. Sign up for the credits you feel you can handle, and at times that are appropriate for you. 

College classes are offered at all times of the day because they know we are busy people – so yes, it is okay to have your first class start at 12:30 on Monday.

And for those of you who work, it may be a bit of challenge working in classes with a work schedule but the key is to have trial and error. Now you will know what works for you and what does not, do not take on more hours than you can handle.

Another thing to keep in mind is that our schedules on the weekends are much different than those the week: and it is actually better to follow at least a similar schedule rather than losing and then over-sleeping to make up for it.

I personally do not like waking up early but I find myself to be more productive when I have an early start on the day. I have had classes at all different times of the day, but I found a schedule somewhere in between that works for me.

The whole idea is to feel prepared and excited about getting out of bed to start a new day. Positive thoughts are always a great addition for another day in a chaotic world.

Put your computer away, and go enjoy what you wake up for every day. Life is what you decide to make it.




About asilbe2

Alexandra Silber is a junior mass communication and political science double major at Towson University. She works at Towson University's Academic Advising Center and is a member of the National Broadcasting Society. In her free time she likes to spend time with friends, watch Netflix, and cook. I plan to graduate in May of 2017, and be off in the real world to pursue my dreams of becoming a news reporter!!
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