Blogging of a Better Night’s Sleep

I am Alex Silber, and I approve this message.

Donald Trump… Lately that is all we see and hear on the news, on Twitter, on Facebook – him and his toupee are everywhere. 

And now, Trump and his presidential campaign may be invading more than just your television screen or your smart phone.

According to Arianna Huffington, editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, Donald Trump’s aggressive and insulting behavior could be attributed to him getting little sleep.

The GOP frontrunner is apparently a “‘clear and present danger to our society'” because he is a perfect representation of promoting American values: productivity over sleep. Figures like Trump are partially to blame for Americans poor sleep cycles.

Our technology, as well as our work ethic, is deeply embedded into American culture. This causes our values to lie elsewhere; we value work over giving our bodies the rest they really deserve.

So where can we find the satisfactory medium where we get our work done, without losing those cherished extra couple of minutes in bed?

Here is some simple advice: put your technology away, and finish your to-do list without procrastination or distractions. As a college student, I promise that you will have a lot more time in your day if your eyes are not glued to a screen.

Huffington brings up an interesting point; would she not “have been as successful if she had not cut back on sleep earlier in her career?”

However, sacrificing much-needed sleep to move up in society is not a solution. We must value our sleep; it is okay to be tired, and it is okay to get necessary eight hours of rest.

Otherwise, Americans eventually will have more serious problems to worry about than contemplating how many hours of sleep they really need to work.

The idea is to focus on what you are doing, give it your full and undivided attention. Not only will it take you less time to complete what needs to be done, but the engagement leads to a better final product.

I do not necessarily agree that Trump is a figure to blame for these promoted values, because it is understood that he is a busy man.

Every one is busy and has their own issues, and we all hold these issues differently. It is human nature.

The issue at hand for college students is being able to go to class, do their work for all the full-time credits on our plates and possibly work a part-time job.

This is a lot to juggle, but take a deep breath. Make a list of what needs to be finished for the week and schedule your time beforehand. Finish your work early in the day, allow for a full night’s rest.

Now to lay in bed, and count Trumps… I mean, er, sheep.





About asilbe2

Alexandra Silber is a junior mass communication and political science double major at Towson University. She works at Towson University's Academic Advising Center and is a member of the National Broadcasting Society. In her free time she likes to spend time with friends, watch Netflix, and cook. I plan to graduate in May of 2017, and be off in the real world to pursue my dreams of becoming a news reporter!!
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