Blogging of a Better Night’s Sleep

Rest in peace, Prince…


Last week the music world lost an inspiring icon, Prince. The symbol died at age 57 due to unknown causes, and the autopsy results were inconclusive and will not be known for another couple of weeks.

However, reports are claiming that Prince had worked “154 hours straight prior to his fatality.”

Prince’s brother-in-law was the one with the revelation, that his sleep deprivation could have correlated to his early death. He also claimed that he was addicted to sleep-induced painkillers.

The star’s health had to be called into question, where suicide or any trauma was present on the singer’s body.

Apparently he was anxiety ridden, and he turned to drugs for help and comfort.

When considering a good night’s sleep, you would think to try and get in bed as early as you can. However, some people have trouble actually falling asleep once they are in bed.

This is a scary situation, because people at times feel as if they have to turn to drugs for help. Especially in a college community, where drugs can be present in social situations.

There are many other ways to get help with sleeping pattern troubles, starting with simple things just like melatonin (supplements).

Even if drugs are not in the equation, sleep deprivation is correlated to health issues that can become present later on in life. It is important to give your body that rest in time for it to repair itself after a long day.

It is scary to think that something like sleep that we take for granted, could have taken a soul that was special and known to the whole world.

If you need help or know someone who needs help, please go to, or call 1-800-662-HELP.





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Alexandra Silber is a junior mass communication and political science double major at Towson University. She works at Towson University's Academic Advising Center and is a member of the National Broadcasting Society. In her free time she likes to spend time with friends, watch Netflix, and cook. I plan to graduate in May of 2017, and be off in the real world to pursue my dreams of becoming a news reporter!!
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One Response to Blogging of a Better Night’s Sleep

  1. Thom Lieb says:

    Nice job with tying the current news to your topic. One hing: I think you mean “sleep-inducing.”


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