Rock Sculptor in 22,449



Tyler Bohn building one of his rock sculptures outside of Towson University’s Union. (Photo by: Alex Silber/ TU Student).

Towson University students are constantly entering and exiting through the back of the University Union, attending to their busy college schedules. From taking phone calls, to picking up a scant Ron for that next test, the students and staff simply do not stop to take a breath.

Except Tyler Bohn, 21, a elementary education major at Towson University. However, Tyler does not just sit on a bench in the back of the Union, to stop and take a breath while gazing at the koi pond.

Bohn actually does something much more fascinating to relieve himself from a stressful day; he uses rocks to stack sculpture creations.

What Bohn exactly does is stack rocks, or other resources from nature such as mulch, flowers, sticks, etc. He carefully balances the big rocks on top of one another, designing essentially a statue.

Bohn does not get inspiration in particular from any art, but tackles his design whenever he gets a thought that usually pertains to his mood.

“Whenever I have an idea in my head I just go with it,” said Bohn. “You can just tell my mood when you look at what I made.”

Bohn started doing this around two years ago, as something that could help him cope with his ADHD. He first picked it up when he went to his friend’s Dad’s river, and has done it everyday since.

“It’s a way for me to calm myself down,” said Bohn. “I did this at my old school, Hartford Community College”.

He says it also helps him gain patience, which is a much-needed skill for an elementary education major.

Plus, Bohn describes himself as not a very social person, so this encourages him to be more outgoing and to get out in public.

Bohn usually works behind the University Union, but also goes into Towson University’s ponds or woodsy areas. However, he has to be careful when venturing off to avoid the poison ivy he detects.

Students pass by him with much curiosity, but Bohn says that rarely any students come to talk to him about what he is doing.

He sometimes does hear whispers and get stares, but it more so attracts positive attention. People take pictures of the final products and upload it to all forms of social media.

When not at Towson, he practices his unique skill at various different places, like rivers or in Ellicott City, MD.

No need for any place in particular, just somewhere with rocks. It can also be on any surface, for any rock can balance anywhere.

Bohn explains it quickly, as just needing a “tripod” to balance any rock, but stops himself saying it will be too hard to explain.

Bohn does not plan to continue his skill after college, for it is just something to get him through school and its stressors everyone knows all too well.

For now, “it’s just an everyday thing for me,” said Bohn as he takes a deep breath, and reaches for a pebble.



About asilbe2

Alexandra Silber is a junior mass communication and political science double major at Towson University. She works at Towson University's Academic Advising Center and is a member of the National Broadcasting Society. In her free time she likes to spend time with friends, watch Netflix, and cook. I plan to graduate in May of 2017, and be off in the real world to pursue my dreams of becoming a news reporter!!
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